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Re: RE: Announcement (Letter for Louis)

Written by Robin at 04 Jan 2007 19:10:37:

As an answer to: RE: Announcement (Letter for Robin) written by Louis at 15 Dec 2006 02:06:43:

Hi Louis,

Thanks for the letter. I hope and think the forum will keep running even without me.

I havent given up - at least I dont think I have ... its just I need a break ... or .. input from others, so that I too get some feeling of support ... also there was a logistic consideration in that if I keep on answering the forum, then others dont! ... I know something here needs to change.

I have put up a questionnaire this week, its another little change which might help for clarity.

My own story is just getting so heavy that I cant just carry on like it is. I have stomach pains from "life" over the last year ... just because of anxiety ... and for a short resume: it was a funny crazy form of phimosis which screwed up all intimate relaxed sex (thank God I had a lot of cuddles and love but nothing lasting) - and then when I discovered that and got it fixed at 43 yrs. full erections were enjoyable for the first month and a half, and then I had this nerve trauma ... for the first years I thought it must be to do with the phimosis - I was pretty strong in those days - put together all the info on phimosis I could find - made discoveries no-one else had made ... and also discovered other men had nerve traumas without any connection to phimosis ...

As it is I have been trying to keep 2 sides of this project going and now I just have to conserve my energy - so for a while Im just wanting to concentrate on the phimosis side ,.. thats where Ive got something new and clear to offer and so feel I can make some contribution to life on planet earth, in quite a general way because phimosis is so common, whereas what we have is pretty much a rarity.

Practically speaking I live in what could be called a derelict house in Germany Hamburg, with leaks in the roof - probably be better off in England but I cant contemplate moving at present - and just manage to get along ... I dont have internet at home - one remaining friend (practically all the others have fallen away) lets me use his broadband connection once every couple of weeks

As far as contact privately well I dont like leaving my email address in print so go to ... but Im not in favour of it ... I did it for a while and it just gives me more work subsequently posting things people have written ... so I request you write any ideas directly here.

I will be looking in, but want to take a back seat for a while

>Robin, don't abandon the forum. We must continue your good work and be here for others. I understand you are tired. I will contribute to the forum and help to answer letters. Let me know that you have not given up by responding to the forum.
>I have been silently watching and reading this forum for nearly 3 years. It happened to me, it was terribly but I'm slowly putting my life back together. Once again, dont give up, come back to the forum and together we will share the work that needs to be done. Perhaps one day I will also tell my full story here. Do you have any 'off forum' contact details?. I cannot live the rest of my life like this, I am ready to actively participate and help!
>If anyone else out there feels the same, write in: this is too much for one man, we all need help. Robin I will keep checking to see if you have responded. By the way I do have some ideas regarding raising our profile.


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