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Re: Penile Fracture Question

Written by Josh M at 28 Jan 2007 08:41:38:

As an answer to: Re: Penile Fracture Question written by Louis at 27 Jan 2007 23:43:45:

I couldn't see the tear as it was internal. The blood came out the tip of my penis through my urethra which should indicate a urethral injury. As I stated before, all the literature that I have read has stated that a urethral injury requires surgery to repair. I may have made a grammar error before. I in fact am seeking a lawyer as I feel like I was given a bandaid for a serious matter that requires surgery.

My wife and I haven't had any counseling yet but I feel we are heading down that road. As time goes on and the lack of sex takes its toll....our relationship is ultimately suffering.

To make this whole situation worse the last doctor I saw gave me viagra and told me it was a psychological problem and that the viagra should cure it, and if it didn't......I would probably just be stuck in this state for the duration of my life.

That statement to me was like ripping out my heart. I'm only 28 years old and to be told that I can't have sex again for the rest of my life is ridiculous. Now I did try a couple times with my wife when I had the viagra.......however, it didn't problem isn't that I can't get an erection....its that the erection isn't firm...not anywhere near the firmness it should be and I believe its actually more dangerous to attempt sex with a flimsy penis. As I stated we tried while I was on the viagra to just test the whole "Psychological" idea out....and in the process, It bent again and scared the crap out of me. You see, with a soft penis, trying to penetrate is a chore....and once you have succeeded....keeping it there is dangerous to say the least....on several occasions I would simply fall out, and on 2 occasions it came out about half way and upon trying to go back in, it bent and scared us both.....

Well enough for now,

I have another doctor visit tomorrow and I'll also be talking to a lawyer.

Thanks again.

>Sorry to hear about your circumstances, but thank you for sharing it with us. The first thing I'd like to say is that none of us are doctors on this forum, at least not that I know of. Most of us have however, suffered some sort of penile injury which doctors do not seem to understand. Hence the term "atypical".
>Listening to your story, it sounds like you had a very typical fracture and that there was no mistaking the fact that your situation was a medical emergency. Time and time again the literature clearly shows that this kind of trauma requires surgery. Any kind of conservative treatment would only encourage complications and eventual erectile dysfunction.
>From what you describe: the blood pooring out, and the popping sound etc; there was an obvious wound/tear? Can you tell us if there were any kind of suture? Surely, you yourself saw the tear? I cannot comprehend that there were no stitches. Then again, from my experiences, urologists are not well versed in the workings of the penis,(ironically). In your letter, you say that you are not looking for a lawyer to persue a neglegence lawsuit. I do hope that this is a grammatical error, especially as you go on to say that the first urologist didn't appear to know what he was doing!
>Had you had surgery,(which it doesn't appear that you have), then I would say that it was still a bit soon to expect that you'd be back up to full speed, sexually. I think it's about a good 4 months abstinance from sex that the doctors typically recommend.
>How are you and your wife coping psychologically? Please keep us updated.
>> I suffered a penile fracture on 11/11/06. I was having sex with my wife and I was about to ejaculate. However, when I was about to pull my penis out, I heard a popping sound and begin to shoot blood out of the end of my penis. I had my wife call 911 while I stood in the bath tub and blood continued to drain from my penis. I would say it was consistant with a cut to the artery. The blood was pulsing out as if connected to my heart beat. With the blood loss, my penis deflated like a balloon that had been popped. I wrapped a towel around it and waited on the ambulance to take me to the hospital. The paramedic said I lost over a liter of blood and that would explain while I was light headed and felt like I was going to pass out.
>>Upon arrival to the emergency room I was asked what was wrong. At this point my bleeding almost stopped, I believe its because the erection was gone which sealed up the wound just like a tire would leak if it had a nail in it...until the tire self sealed. I was asked to urinate for them which I painfully did and I was then taken to the xray room. At this point the doctor inserted a tube into my urethra and injected some kind of dye. This was extremely painful. He then did it again.....afterwards I was sent back to my room. I waited an additional 30 minutes or so and was told that I didn't need surgery and that they were going to give me a catheter and send me on my way.
>>So the next day I'm sent to see a specialist (urologist) and he looks at my penis and says to keep the catheter in for a few more days.....On day 5 I see another urologist who then removes the catheter. Everything is good to go.......or so I thought. After another 4 weeks which I'm told to not have sex........I wait and wait....then on week 5, I try to have sex with my wife....but my penis will not become erect...not the way it should. Not enough to safely have sex with my wife. I go back to the the urology building and see another doctor. He advises me that its psychological and that they are going to give me viagra to try and get over the hurdle. So I take the viagra and attempt to have sex with my wife.......again its not erect like it should be and it bends and almost, in my mind, breaks again as it bent pretty severely due to the fact that it wasn't erect like it should be.
>>I go back to the doctor and he says stop taking the pills........and thats it.....
>>I'm left hanging.
>>I have done extensive amounts of researching online about this penile fracture. Almost every single paper I reade states that blood in the urine or urethra indicates a urethra injury that requires surgery..........and that if surgery isn't done there can be complications such as ED.
>>My question is........why didn't the ER doc or the first urologist or any urologist for that matter....why didn't they mention surgery to me as an option. I would think losing a liter of blood through the urethra would indicate a significant tear that would warrant surgery....I'm not contemplating getting a lawyer as I believe the urologist that first saw me was unfit to do his job and has caused me alot more pain than needed to be....
>>Could you please offer any advice......


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