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Re: Help! my story of penile fracture- ongoing

Written by Rob at 08 Jun 2005 19:26:05:

As an answer to: Re: Help! my story of penile fracture- ongoing written by hopefully I'll be ok again at 04 Jun 2005 16:13:19:


Got your second letter, and sad about your second injury I dont know what PTSD is dont kick yourself, Im sure you aint got a sick mind . glad to know I guessed right, so Canada good, I was thinking in Britain ER means Elizabeth Regina and I really dont imagine our Queen could help you much 6 weeks wait sounds like hell really, think of baked beans or custard anything not sexy good luck I wouldnt worry about the MRI at this point.

Your letter motivated another posting, EMERGENCY instructions etc. ... well its a start, ... otherwise I let my letter stand as I wrote it. last week -

yours is a complicated history, and I imagine the docs in the Emergancy dept. didnt understand it or you didnt even bother explaining the whole thing ...

first the tweezers, then the dog, then this mysterious stabbing - without touching, simple arousal - shit ... and suddenly the world is a different place ... guilt fear numb unreal - I remember the feelings - the anxiety turning round stomach, has something really bad irrepairable happened?? - I can only sympathise.

thats a really detailed description and case history etc. thanks - I hope you hadnt or havent given up on getting a reply - I wish I had had the time last week to answer better than I did, but there were too many technical problems with loading up the new site, and I am just limited with my time/energy.

What I always try and remember is the point that nervous breakdown is worse than penis fracture, so the most important thing is to stay cool calm and collected, ...

yes for a week - you should try everything possible see doctors urologists read internet .. search Medline ... , but stay cool, dont get hysterical, -

- you have done all the diagnosis work -- well done!! - I think the dog actually did cause the fracture, you say he jumped on your penis, I presume you mean jumped on the erection .. two small purple bruises which appeared on shaft, were they bruises or internal bleeding? - I guess internal bleeding and I think this was the fracture.

Its crazy that then a simple erection with no touching starts this sharp stabbing pain. - (maybe this can be compared to when I work in the garden my back doesnt ache, but the next day I notice it whenever I bend over ...)

Its now 10 days or 2 weeks since the fracture - now theres no need to rush for an op. etc. theres a need to relax till next week when you see an Urologist ... and Im pretty sure masturbation will now make no difference.

I dont know how your fracture will develop, some cure some not, ... mine didnt ...

All the cases are not categorised, I dont feel there are enough cases to start doing this any more than I have done on the home page - we need or I need maybe 100 cases before trends and tendancies start showing up.

I have a suspicion that if the pain hasnt subsided after 3 or 4 days, then it will get less, but in some form it might well continue, I suspect that the bending or leaning will stay, and this with probably a weaker erection, needing possibly viagra etc. - you call it "veering" not bending and I suspect this means its broken futher back in the base of penis.

Maybe it will heal, otherwise, hell - How old are you? I believe maybe 20 yrs. old and then this might be particularly hard for you, but as yet we dont know how your fracture will develop-?? - and I have so very few long term reports ...

Mine led me to a different view of "being a man" , but then Im 53 --- (maybe it could all be a way of repressing and converting the frustrated sexual energy - but it provides me with a basic philosophy on life ),

I often think men have been having these problems for centuries,-- and not talking about them - (I think also of phimosis and that part of my site,- in previous generations and the 19th century probably around 25% of the male population would have had this, and penis fracture is simply not reported till the early 1900s and then with penis fracture "It is understood as a rarity, there were approx 30 reported cases in 1975 - 100 reported cases in 1988 - 200 reported cases in 1996. In addition 240 cases are reported in Japanese medical literature between the years 1930 and the present day."

In the 1800s etc. Firstly - how the hell did they cope,??!! I can only imagine with repression and inhibition ...
Secondly - our entire culture has developed on the basis of a great percentage of the men having anatomical sexual problems which were tabbooed - so now this is a new aspect of male emancipation and for me thats an interesting form of sexual expression and gives the whole experience a bit more relevance and purpose.

I think I can only see this all very generally and its not much personal help for you

I have to see this project as long term, and I need to not get shook up about people with emergancies - must seem very cold for you, - sorry but Im doing all I can.

really sorry that for you the forum is just not set up yet ... but from my experience with the phimosis side of the project, the subject needs a group ... Ive made a good start, and I will continue, ... rather slow, but steady.

What I want to do is provide this forum as a meeting place for men with these specific problems, as a central meeting point and info exchange and support etc

I noticed recently that there are a few other sites on the subject ... I do think - as you have just searched the net - how useful feedback would be about other sites - and how all this info needs to be centrally linked up - and probably here is the best place to start that (Id appreciate it if you felt motivated to start it).

Please call back and tell us about any developments - even though I cant help much, I am really interested in what happens. Sorry again that the emergency systems just aint set up yet on this board.


PS. I had several problems understanding your English!!

you mean bait it ? not bate it? bait as in fish, = tempt and tease and encourage

what is a "stabbing 1-2 pain"

what is an "ER" - maybe you are in Canada or somewhere? in England GP or doc?

what is an "egglant" shaped penis?

what does "lol" mean, I use it as well, I thought it was short for lots of love, then someone said it was laughing out loud - I think it just means lol


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