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Re: Help! my story of penile fracture- ongoing

Written by hopefully I'll be ok again at 04 Jun 2005 16:13:19:

As an answer to: Re: Help! my story of penile fracture- ongoing written by robin at 01 Jun 2005 19:58:36:

Thanks for the advice Robin. I read your personal story and I truly empathize with you. I hope you can be happy soon (I really do). It sounds like you deserve to be after all you've been through. I too have also had problems with my penis for my whole life, suffering PTSD over it at 12 years of age. Just when I thought I was going to get over it all and be happy for myself for the very first time; this had to happen. I mean the psychological effects for the last 10 years have just been brutal, and invariably not to mention the physical problems as well. But I guess I couldn't get out of this rut scot-free. My sick mind had to give it one more kick at the can to (literally) blow things apart. But I guess everything old is new again, and hopefully I can get it right this time around I pray.

Well anyways, went to see another 2(!) doctors on sunday and then a urologist on tuesday. Don't wanna go into detail right now, but will come back again another time to explain. sheesh I'm tired right now..............................

But anyways to answer your question as to how I'm doing, I had a setback on tuesday/wednesday- can't remember. It was almost a week removed from the accident and I reinjured it again. I took a shower and out of stupidity I bent it back and forth to get under it to clean it for the first time since the accident- and I tore it again. My dick was fixing itself all over again these last few days. Fuck. And no I'm not from the UK (although it may sound that way due to my pottymouth LOL) I am from Canada. I have no idea of how many specialists we have here regarding this matter or if we even have any at all. (unsure?)

But anyways to tell you about my situation now- the doctors told me it was a mild fracture (no external bleeding thru the urethra or massive bruising) just a small tear, therefore an atypical(?) fracture and to leave it alone for six weeks. They said it should heal itself by that time, but I'm still worried about future complications, and also the fact that I ripped it again. I still have not had an MRI done either.

But anyways, my biggest problems right now are: soft painful erections that are significantly smaller than normal before the accident. Oh boy, I hope I don't stay like this forever........................... sorry if the details are sketchy right now, will come back later to clarify things. Thanks for your help. Thank you for answering my questions.

goodbye for now.

p.s. great job on the site. It shows you care so much, that you would do this for other people even though you have your own problems. You must be a real man to have the strength to come on here and read this stuff on a regular basis. Thank you for simply giving me a response and I really commend you for doing this. From the bottom of my heart I hope that your injury will heal too.


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