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Re: Trauma, venus leak - Inability to get full erection and maintaining it...

Written by Robin at 30 Nov 2005 17:54:00:

As an answer to: Trauma, venus leak - Inability to get full erection and maintaining it... written by Mads at 25 Nov 2005 17:49:44:

Dear Mads,

First I must say Im not professional, I have only my own training.

Second, I believe we can totally forget the peyronnies - and you can be thankful to forget it, a venous leakage is a big enough problem and there might be some cure - peyronnies has no cure - I dont know how the first doctor arrived at this diagnosis. With peyronnies there are calcified patches which can be felt in the flaccid penis. There is no known cause or cure for this and it gets progressively worse, never to my knowledge subsiding after 18 months or any length of time. I was twice diagnosed with this. It seems some doctors when in doubt, diagnose peyronnies rather than saying they dont know. Anyway, enough of that.

You were beaten up (hell) in a street fight maybe? - you didnt have an erection at the time, so there is no penis fracture, (the penis can only fracture when erect).

You have "some kind of trauma to the pelvic region" probably a venous leakage (or arterial leakage) of some sort (exactly what?) the "strange string like vein" seems to confirm this ... It does sound very much like a blood leakage problem, (and with no reported pain? so I presume no nerve is affected ot trapped etc.).

I have a similar problem to yours - viagra works to some extent for me as well - also a rubber band like valve round the base of the penis helps keep the blood in the erection - I do understand how horrific this sounds - even at 53 it horrified me - still it works.

Now, there is hope, 10 yrs. ago previous to internet there was no hope, I am so thankful, Id have been completely high and dry without internet communication and realising there are others like me - and also there is something practical which could maybe offer help.

MEDLINE makes summaries from all the medical studies easily accessible, and if we take penis fracture as the generalised term of your complaint, then it was first reported round 1930, in 1994 when I had my "fracture" there were less than 200 reported cases, in the last 10 years there are now almost 2000 reported cases. The point is modern technology and MRI (magnetic resonance imagine - the tube) etc. have discovered the theme and the new possibilities for research.

I believe you come in the same category as I do with "atypical penis fracture" (fracture is a misnomer even in typical fracture - it is only the corpus cavernoso and tunica albiguina which are ripped - not fractured).

Among the newer studies are around 5 which talk of arterial dysfunction, and examinations and operations to correct this.

I have learnt that one cannot expect every individual doctor to be up to date with every facet of modern medicine, - the time I got my best treatment was when I went to a Urologist and showed him the latest studies, and thus got my first MRI checks. (which showed nothing, but at least it gave me and the urologist a direction to think in).

Now, 2 weeks ago, I downloaded the last 5 yrs. medline studies, and in the next 2 weeks I may be able to say approximately which examinations are advised and what sort of operation may be available and helpful for you. At present I can only suggest, you go to medline yourself (link at top of page type in "penis fracture arterial" as the search words and when you get the answer, set the "display" to citation - you would then be able to read these through yourself ... its all hard work, in a strange medical world but I reckon theres a 80% chance that you find a hopeful direction to go in and think about and present to an "expert".

So, Id be interested in any feedback you can give me about medline, Otherwise ask again in a few weeks time and maybe I will have the answers by then.

The point is research is progressing very quickly in this area, if not now, then in ten years time there could well be a permanent cure for your condition, so dont give up hope.

Good luck - cheers



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