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Re: Hope or false hope? Help or no help? This topic may or may not be valuable.

Written by Robin at 30 Dec 2005 18:21:56:

As an answer to: Re: Hope or false hope? Help or no help? This topic may or may not be valuable. written by me at 22 Dec 2005 09:13:22:

Hi "me"

You seem fairly satisfied with the idea of this being a scar line, so we have a hypothesis. I cant believe that its peyronnies, so young, ... - Now, how to treat an internal scar? - I have absolutely no idea ! however I wouldnt be at all suprised if there was some sort of steroid ointment one could apply externally which could help. Also, it may be well worth you going to a surgeon and seeing if it can be operationally removed.

I think actually that immediate surgery does not very often make things worse, yes sometimes simple fracture will heal spontaneously with no need for surgery, but there are enough reports of this not happening so I must always suggest surgery, anyway we are 3 yrs. late for that.

Im sorry but your descriptions dont mean much to me, I believe a urologist or surgeon might be able to establish the nature of the condition by feeling this injured area, but merely the words unfortunately dont tell me anything.

I reckon you should discuss this with your house doctor (family doctor) maybe you need a dermatologist (they specialise in steroid creams etc.) maybe a surgeon or urologist, you cant lose anything by checking this out, you are young and theres a long way to go and it would be more fun for you if sex was going to work happily.

Are you saying 10,000 people a year have penis fracture in the USA? population 250,000,000 calculates roughly over 60 yrs. to 0.7% ... yes I wouldnt be suprised. There were only 200 reports in the entire medical studies up till 1994 ... now there are nearly 2,000 cases which is a big increase - lots of new studies have been done recently, this once tabooed subject is now reaching the light of day.

hope everything goes well - think about consulting your doctor - keep in touch



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