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Re: Hope or false hope? Help or no help? This topic may or may not be valuable.

Written by me at 22 Dec 2005 09:13:22:

As an answer to: Re: Hope or false hope? Help or no help? This topic may or may not be valuable. written by Robin at 20 Dec 2005 17:20:54:

Yes, I can feel more than just the bump (or scar line). The penis feels more solid then spongy on the injured side, but it is still thinner and weaker then the normal side. I also, feel like the other side is being extended outward while the injured side is extending inward causing a shape sort of like a paranthesis. )

The little bump also feels extremely soft (the almost hair line thin scar itself) while the other around it feels solid like I said earlier.

Its about 3 years since my injury. The part where I feel plaque, harder tissue, seems to be getting better but the scar line itself seems to be stopping the rest of that side of my penis from getting better so it looks extremely deformed to me even though it still gets very hard when I have an erection.

My injury was not severe, I had no pain or bruising, I just heard a crack. but my penis is very soft thin and weak on the injured side.

I think I regret not having surgery, but I have also heard of stories of surgery making things worse like not even being able to get an erection. The scar line seems to be my biggest problem I think, do you have any insight on it? the condition of it, why it doesnt get better, and maybe a way to help it heal?

Thank you for your help and this is a very needed site. peniile fracture got mentioned on tv today, with dr. phil on discovery health. it seems a lot of people have it, with an average of 10,000 injuries nationally in the usa and thats for the people who actually report it.


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