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Penis Fracture, Nerve Trauma
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Possible sprain or nerve damage? I don't know.

Written by Stephen at 30 Dec 2005 19:27:34:

I was having intercourse with my girlfriend (female on top, facing each other), and I had already orgasmed, but my penis was still partially hard, so we continued. Since it was only PARTIALLY hard, it slipped out, and she pushed back on it pretty hard. It hurt.
I don't remember hearing a cracking or popping noise, but it was a confusing, painful moment. There was no bruising, no swelling, just a lot of pain that felt mostly internal (sort of behind my scrotum). The pain came in waves, but eventually subsided (after about 45 mins - 1 hour). I didn't lose my partial erection right away, but it eventually wore off. Later that evening, I was able to get hard again, and we had intercourse and I came, and the ejaculate looked normal in color and consistency.

That was two nights ago. I've measured, and my penis is still the same length when hard (maybe 1/8 inch longer .... curious), but now when I'm erect, my penis appears a little twisted, and kind of lilts to the left. Not severely, but noticeably. Given the pain was not long-lived, there was no bruising or swelling, and through self-exams I haven't felt a noticeable difference between the left and right sides (no hard tissue or anything), is it possible that this incident was only a sprain? My penis used to be very straight (no noticeable lilting). Will it possibly pull out of it and straighten up again? Any steps I should take to try to straighten it?

It works fine, but my girlfriend is concerned about the change, and we're uncertain if it's just temporarily traumatized or permanently altered. Any advice that you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Oregon, U.S.A.


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