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Re: Possible sprain or nerve damage? I don't know.

Written by Rob at 04 Jan 2006 16:58:01:

As an answer to: Possible sprain or nerve damage? I don't know. written by Stephen at 30 Dec 2005 19:27:34:

Hi Stephen,

First I must always advise you go to a doctor, Second I must advise that if there is nothing which can be seen, heard, diagnosed through lumps etc., the doctor will probably not be able to help, (but maybe Im wrong).

If it feels sprained then I suggest it is, and you MUST handle as you would with a sprain, leave it time to rest and recover, I would really strongly advise a two week break from sex (masturbation everything) - I would have advised not having sex straight afterwards ...

Female on top is the most common cause of penis fracture. If the penis was only partially hard this is part of the reason it hasnt cracked like in a typical fracture.

The ejaculate looked normal (as it usually does after penis fracture) but it confirms that there is no internal bleeding.

Erection now lilts to the left - was the pain on the right hand side? - this would be typical.

Pain sort of behind scrotum reminds me of my own condition. I suggest that the problem - the sprain - is at the base of the penis - rather than in the middle ... when you say it lilts to the left it sort of confirms the idea, the penis itself isnt broken, but the base, the root is somehow weakened.

Dont try to straighten the erection out, two fractures in opposite directions dont make a straight penis, merely a penis fractured in two places ... (someone else reckoned their erection started looking curly like a pigs tail).

Really the advice is take 2 weeks abstinence, this can be fun with a good girl friend, it just means you have to discover new things to do in your relationship, and could easily help you to grow together.

Otherwise there is a letter I wrote on abstinence message/36.htm and following on this forum, which may help.

Good Luck


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