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Nerve Trauma
leading to Pain and Erectile Dysfunction

From 2007
Perhaps it should be called a penis sprain or inflammation - this would not mean the problem is a small one. Bone fractures will cure in a matter of weeks, and yet tennis elbow and muscle strains can last painfully for years. It seems a fracture is easy to diagnose and it is also easy to cure. Fracture sounds dramatic, but is in fact a relatively uncomplicated problem.

(My Oxford dictionary defines sprain: wrench (an ankle, wrist etc.) violently so as to cause pain and swelling but not dislocation ... the resulting inflammation ... )

From 2000
Analysis - I havent got a clue -

This page explores an apparently rare, sharp pain possibly caused by a trapped or ripped nerve. I know very little about this area, - I need to collect information.

There appears to be no medical research on such pains and it seems urologists are often inclined to designate them as psychosomatic or give a false diagnosis of peyronnies previous to any examination.. - (This seems to follow the principle: if someones got unknown symptoms then diagnose an illness of unknown cause ! ).

However, Peyronnies, isnt just one sided, it doesn`t occurr suddenly overnight, and it creates plaques (hard calcified areas under the skin) which can be detected by feeling or with ultra sound. (though Peyronnies has bending as symptom)

Some doctors diagnose such problems as being due to a nerve trapped in the back or hip - this appears connected in some cases,- and this should be exactly diagnosed with MRI and then the causal area given electro treatment

In one book I found my symptoms described as Atypical Penis Fracture. My complaint is generally not thought to be a penis fracture because the typical sign of bleeding was absent..Typical fractures always have some symptom of bruising bleeding or cracking ... I suspect there are many varieties of penis fracture, and I've found out that some men experience penis fracture a) with profuse bleeding, b) with a loud crack, but no bleeding, sometimes with pain and sometimes without c) with a loud crack and nothing else .... so I suspect all these symptoms must indicate specific causes ...

The symptom of a sudden pain and subsequent bending of the erection away from the painful side is the main support we have for a diagnosis of penis fracture.

Anaesthetic creams can relieve the pains (in my case) temporarily (and this might be worth a try in order to check a nerve diagnosis) -

I suspect a nerve is trapped in all atypical cases, either a) traumatically or b) gradually,

The gradual cases might indicate bad sitting posture etc. where a nerve becomes slowly trapped, some sort of electro treatment may well help, but it would be a haphazard trial and error method without a diagnosis, and it is impossible even with MRI to diagnose small rips in very small nerves.

This was the extent of my knowledge on this up till 2004, - basicly I havent a clue -- These days there are more reports and further developments on the fracture forum


see also analysis no2.


Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture