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The only thing which seems sometimes to work is take a break and practice abstinence

... during the first 6 months when my pain was most intensive, the only relief I could find was lying on my back with my knees up and resting knees together (this takes pressure off the groin area) - then smearing the area full with anaesthetic cream turned the intense pain into a dull pain and I was able to then relax a little ...

... ( it wont always hurt so much) ... pain will diminish over time in all cases ...

My personal opinion, is that sometimes we are discussing a penis sprain, or a penis tendon inflammation, ..... (let someone else express it better and we will learn more) ......and like an ankle sprain or a tennis elbow, or a toothache, it simply cant be seen as distinctly clearly and obviously - as an actual fracture - it is difficult to diagnose - and also it cant be treated as directly - it is more subtle - ...

Western Medicine has a tradition of ignoring male genitals - (the Chicago Hope hospital encyclopedia said the penis is the least studied organ of the human body) (why? maybe the traditional male doctors are embarrassed and didnt want to be thought of as obsessed with the penis?).... I have a background respect for the life saving doctors, but with the penis they really dont know much, even the urologists dont learn about the penis - its the internal organs that they specialise with - simply I know this because Ive questioned several urologists who have agreed with this.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a totally different attitude to sexual matters and the genitals. Read any traditional chinese sexual literature and you will see what I mean.

So the idea is someone with the money and energy, please experiment with accupuncture.

See also entries by Stevo on old and new forum - he is presently experimenting with cures more than anyone else


Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture