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Re: Hurt it, now worse

Written by Robin at 08 Jun 2006 19:54:31:

As an answer to: Re: Hurt it, now worse written by Stevo at 08 Jun 2006 02:22:06:

Hi Stevo,

The Urologist - excuse me but this is typical: Why is he looking for plaque? because he can only think of a peyronnies diagnosis, ... peyronnies is more common in older men: calcification of the penis ... I had two or three doctors who diagnosed this even thoguh there was no plaque.

So a specialist - good - what is UCLA and anyway which land do you live in? - I asked before.

I thought several things about you over the week -

What we are fairly sure of is that your pains will get less over time. We dont know how much they will lessen and how long it will take.

In between time, till that happens, it strikes me, you just have to accept reality and get yer head screwed on. I often say: losing your head is far worse than losing your penis.

I cant provide a miracle I can only give little clues which may help you

A professional counsellor should be able to do this better than me, but what I really feel you must do is sit down and think out all the other things (apart from a penis) which make up being a man ...

I think there are 5 things which come to my mind and I want you to think about it.

I suppose what almost hurts me is that you have a girl friend and my God you say you are in love, well for Gods sake hold her and love her and deepen that experience - WITHOUT SEX -

If you followed through my whole story (which I dont expect) but I have had erection problems throughout my life and when I was younger have often slept with women without sex, and it was a beautiful experience more fulfilling than a fuck ...

I just reckon for a time at least you have to develop the other parts of being a man - forget the pathetic little penis/ego

There was another book I read which would help you - David GILMORE "Manhood in the Making" (Yale University Press (1990),) this offers a wonderful perspective of primitive man, developing his attitudes/self image as provider and giver, caring for his extended family group this book contradicts the sort of Freudian idea of the primitive selfish/penis/ego based male. You should read it, it would definately help your present situation!

You have at least two weeks - and nothing better to do ... so I would personally really like you to take up at least ONE of my suggestions.

How lucky you are! I was just alone for 4 years when my injury happened - I really believe everyone must go through this alone, or learn from each other, ... I hope you dont decide to go through it all alone, it would be such a waste.

Thanks for your letter thanking me ... its just I wanna see positive results from my help.

OK? thanks



>The Urologist that i saw today felt me, and upon finding no plaque, told me he coudln't tell me why i had pain, and reffered me to aspecialist at UCLA.
>I have in appointment in two weeks. I'll let you know.


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