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10 Year old penis trauma never healed

Written by Ammar at 24 Jun 2006 04:40:14:

Hello everyone,

I was recommended to this board to ask about a problem I incurred 10 years ago so I am going to be upfront and honest as to what happned.

10 Years ago I had masturbated and after I was done I masturbated again within about 10 minutes of the first time which is typically not so bad. Well after words I could barely get an erection and it drove me crazy because in my mind at that time I thought that not getting an erection meant I was gay. Of course I wasnt so I continued to masturbate 2-4 times a day for about 4 weeks. One Day I was doing it I was stroking and I felt the skin on my penis rip (literally).

I stopped and freaked out of course and really wasnt in much pain but over the next several days It got worse and the skin became paper thin and reddish/brownish color then eventually the skin was dry and began to peel off more and more. About 2 months later It was totally traumatized and sore and I was NOT able to achieve an erection which mentally devistated me. I tried to masturbate and still no erection. Well to make a long terrible story short I stopped and waited for it to heal for many months and it still wouldnt heal. Till today it has not healed at all and My life is in shambles. I work 50 hours a week and am not married of course because I have nothing to offer.

I dont know what is wrong with me because every urologist I see cant tell me what is wrong. I am a very depressed person with no outlook on life. I am so alone. I have not masterbated in ages and still I feel numb down there and it is always irritating when I walk. Even my testicles are soft and my scrotum skin is soft and kind of weak. epididymis is swollen and not normal. MY penis is not normal shape and sensative to the touch. I dont know what to do and Only wish I could get any advise. I dont know what my future will be. My family all wonder why I havent married anyone and I am running out of excuses. God help me. I am strong enough to hear the truth and worry that my only solution will be amtputation which in some strange way is a blessing in disguise. S


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