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Re: 10 Year old penis trauma never healed

Written by Robin at 29 Jun 2006 19:30:52:

As an answer to: 10 Year old penis trauma never healed written by Ammar at 24 Jun 2006 04:40:14:

Hello Ammar,

I wonder what to say ... I always wonder what to say ...

Nice that you were recommended to this board, but I hope you are not expecting miracles, at most at present it is just a gathering place for people with the same problem ... cures and treatments are few and far between.

Now, Im trying to understand your experience - you felt the skin on your penis rip - and you do mean the skin, and not something internal? ... I have not heard these specific symptoms before, and you have totally lost your erection ... and the pain, where is the pain as exactly as possible?

What I must say, is that this complaint is another mystery. It does not seem like you are describing the same sort of pains as Stevo or myself. We have similarities and maybe youd like to hang around on this forum, just because it puts us all in a very similar end position ... how to cope with manhood with a painful penis.

I thank you for your contribution and will now add my regular and getting rather long footnote on general matters

if you want, my experience is on the home page for this forum, Rob S. (site manager)

take care good luck and keep in touch



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