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Penis Fracture, Nerve Trauma
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Possibe Atypical Penile Fracture

Written by P at 20 Aug 2006 21:22:35:

I found this forum and have been reading about atypical penile fratcures and have read others accounts.
My story is this. It was a masturbating occurance when I was 15(1992). Though the circumatances are a little embarrasing to get into, I do recall a cracking sound. I had remembered hearing a story from a good friend whose mother was a nurse. A man had been admitted into the ER and had been masturbating and had heard a series of crackling and crunching sounds while bleeding. This story came to mind and I began to worry much. From that night on I began to worry as my erections where not what they used to be. As described by most people, they were not very strong. There was never any pain to speak of. No problem with blood in the urine. No other physical symptoms. This was always in the back of my mind.

Ten years later, I finally gathered up the courage to speak to my GP about this problem. He had given me my physical and I told him that I felt that I had injured myself after masturbation ten years prior. He asked if I still had erections(which I did). After a physical examination, he didnt seem to find anything wrong. He refered me to a urologist. He too didn't find anything physically wrong. So I thought that maybe I was ok after all.

Recently, I revisted this dilemma and realized that some of the symptoms given match to what some of the other websites give. Most sites say its rare. With my luck, I am probably one of the few who have it.

I do notice a pain which occurs after ejaculation sometimes. It seems similar to the symptoms of the ever so imfamous "blueballs". Somebody else had posted about a similar pain which seemed to start at the testicles and end in the area between the tecticles and the anus.

Aside from the listed pain, I think this is more of a psychological pain. The possibitly of not having a girlfriend because of this frightens me. The fact that I have the burden of hiding this fact haunts me. I have been carrying this cross for so many years. I just wish there was something I could do about this aside from everything I tried to get to the bottom of this.
PS, What is the clear defintion of this "Nerve trauma"?


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