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Re: Do I have atypical penis fracture?

Written by Robin at 18 Nov 2006 15:28:57:

As an answer to: Do I have atypical penis fracture? written by Joe at 09 Nov 2006 02:02:30:

Hi Joe,

Im beginning to feel that the old rumour that you cant overdo masturbation is not true -

It sounds to me that a lot of these complaints are caused by overstrain

I just dont know exactly what atypical penis fracture is .. nerve trauma .. you seem to have a similar problem to many men here

abstinence is the main idea to cure this ... cialis is not a good idea because this causes more muscular strain ... I dont think surgery would help if its muscular ... the curving is typical for this forum ... I think maybe a sports doctor could help best if you read my usual footnote which I will post here you will find the comments on a sports doctor, sorry I cant do much more, but please keep in touch because yours is the sort of case which this forum deals with ,,.. and you have similarities with my own problem.

thanks for the letter


I include my normal footnote
One optimistic thought is that at least we can contact each other these days with www. I often wonder how it was even 20 yrs. ago, my God to be left feeling totally alone with this problem, I did for the first 4 years - I think Id have gone crazy without www. Men with our problems must have been going crazy throughout the last centuries.

I cant do more alone except answer this forum, and e-mail, Ive been through hell for 12 years and am exhausted, I dont get any support back.

Isolated and individual we will be as lost as the men pre interet - the chance we have today is as a group – This forum and home page are becoming a collection of evidence on penis trauma/atypical fracture.

I feel what we need is a student Urologist to answer letters on the forum. Students have time to research, and a last year student doing a special research on this subject would be ideal - they are always looking for new subjects to write diploma work.

Im NOT online at home - I dont have the possibility to do internet research. Please leave links and comments on other www addresses which deal with these subjects - so that an index or network of relevant pages can be developed.
Id love someone to spend a couple of hours using their “worry” energy positively to google for medical universities (esp. Urology dept.) and collect 50 or even 10 e mail addresses, ... and then send out spam like invitations to help ...
Once I feel I am getting some support, it would motivate me to sort through the present forums entries and categorise them all on the home page.
NEW THOUGHT (hope?), on atypical penis fracture,
Maybe ist the World cup, and different players who cant play due to sprains and strains and then I remembered someone telling me how similar what I described was, to sportsmen with torn nerves or ligaments ...
I call it atypical penis fracture, because it seems to me this is as close as our injury is named anywhere, but its maybe more like a sprain or a torn ligament (how does a torn ligament feel?)
Its the idea that a Sports Doctor, a Doctor who specialises in Sports Injuries, is the specialist sort of doctor who would be able to understand many of our mysterious problems. I believe this means an Orthopedic doctor.
Next step: persuading a doctor that this is a sport injury, and that in this sense sex is sport : I notice how many of the questions are connected with men saying they overdid it, had a bigger than normal erection, and then a stoss a hit or a bend or a strange movement ...
Its pretty clear that Urologists dont understand these sort of problems. Its not only my experience. Enough of us (on this forum and home page) have been to Urologists. In my opinion, my next thought and the next step for someone asking at this forum is try a Sports Doctor.

for dorsal vein injury see messages/160.htm
for pelvic floor disorder see messages/159.htm
for ideas on abstinence see thread starting messages/36.htm
for ideas on “being a man” even with a broken penis see messages/146.htm and
>6 months ago is when my problem started. I hadn't masturbated in a few days so I had a large erection. I masturbated, ejaculated and, before I lost the erection, I masturbated and ejaculated again. There was no loud snap or bleeding/discolouration but I felt like I had overdone it, it wasn't particularly sore, just had a little discomfort.
>Since then my penis curves to the left, very difficult to get erections without touching myself. I use Cialis for intercourse, but I've felt this is not working as good as it used the normal?
>I've had a number of tests. Blood tests, ultrasound of penis while erect, MRI of abdomen, not penis. Blood test ruled out diabetes, ultrasound ruled out venous leak and MRI ruled out spinal cord injury. I haven't had an MRI of the penis yet, I'll need to travel to another country for that.
>Urologist cannot figure out what's wrong
>Does this sound like atypical penile fracture?
>Is it likely to get worse over time?
>Is abstinence advisable? I haven't tried that yet
>Is surgery available?
>How successful is it?
>Thanks for your help,


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