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Re: Help! my story of penile fracture- ongoing

Written by robin at 01 Jun 2005 19:58:36:

As an answer to: Help! my story of penile fracture- ongoing written by hopefully I'll be OK at 29 May 2005 13:26:17:


Firstly sorry about the wait, but I only have internet access once a week,

Its now the 1st of June so maybe the 29thMay was a happy day???

There are a number of people who have got through penis fracture and are perfectly cured - this is with the typical fracture - (symptoms of bleeding and snapping) - otherwise, I am afraid I cannot advise on this subject I can only hope to gather information -

One of the most important things which I would suggest (but cant guarantee) is leave it alone - no pulling it - the penis might cure by itself -

I really always need time to consider letters like this, I will take it home print it out and read and answer anything else next Wednesday.

The point is - educate yourself - looking on the home page on this site (link top of page) - doing a google search for penis fracture for other sites and other information (Id appreciate feedback on this)-(naturally have a bit of suspicion for business sites and miracle cures) - even going into MEDLINE and finding out any latest information or ideas on penis fractures

I presume you must be in the UK with the doctors waiting lists ...

>right now I've been told I got: a severed tunica albuginea, and 1 severed corpus cavernosa (left) but without any actual testing done, and with knowing what I know about my situation what should I do?
>Should I go to a third ER? (I want to)

It cannot harm ...

>Is this too serious of an injury to wait for 2-3 weeks?
>Do i need immediate surgery? If so is it already too late? (almost 72 hours removed)

The choice is (as I understand it) either surgery straight away or wait for self healing. There are plenty of reports of spontaneous healing after a day or two ... without operation.

>Can the inner arteries of the penis (t.a.,c.c.) heal on there own OK?

I dont know but blood congeals and so often is self healing.

>Could there be a problem with my urethra too?

I doubt it

>Is it only some cases that require surgery? Like I said my penis was swollen with bruising and internal bleeding and hanging like a fat S-shape. Is that bad?

yes it must be that only some cases require surgery, but I dont know which ones.

>How will I be able to make it through 2-3 weeks without pulling it /sex?

self discipline - think of baked beans - take up prayer

>If I do wait that long will there be complications?
>Do I have a risk of peyronnie's, future pain, ED, shrinkage, or lack of sensation?

peyronnies no, but all the others are possible, what is ED?

>Will this even heal properly? Will I get my sensation/feeling back? Be able to function again?

I hope so, but I really do not know -

>Is there anyone out there who has ever had a penile fracture before and had it healed succesfully? If so, then how?

yes as mentioned above.

>Is there any way I can see a urologist sooner?

in the UK probably not, come to Germany and youd be seen in a day.

>what tests should I push for if I go today?

MRI magnetic resonance imaging - the tube - with erection stimulant - and colouring agent- probably

Really sorry that I dont know the answers, but I dont believe anyone else knows them, only they might be online more often and able to guide you through the steps better than I can.

I will be back next Wednesday, and see if theres anything I can add to this.

Hows you goin now? ... its almost a week since your injury.



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