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Re: Hope or false hope? Help or no help? This topic may or may not be valuable.

Written by Robin at 20 Dec 2005 17:20:54:

As an answer to: Hope or false hope? Help or no help? This topic may or may not be valuable. written by me at 18 Dec 2005 10:12:19:


Now, with peyronnies, I have heard a lot about this, however mostly false diagnoses!! - Im afraid to say, that the doctors, tend to slap the name peyronnies on anything which they dont understand ... maybe they feel this reassures the patient. Whatever, the clear symptom for peyronnies is calcified plaque in the penis. It is an atrophic state, which means something like it degenerates through lack of use. First i doubt someone so young could develop this so soon - (I heard of one man 20 yrs. after a fracture developing peyronnies). These plaques are palpable (which in normal English means feelable) - So, it seems an important question for you is can you feel anything except this one hard bump???

Could this little thin bump be a scar line, where your fracture has healed??

I mean I really like your input and attitude to communicating and trying to sort this out together, its very much appreciated - but i am 100 times wary about any penis expander which is being sold on the internet, and especially when this is meant to clear up calcification ... and doctors degrees can probably be bought in the States - so I just dont trust this at all ... if there was any sort of machine which could work against calcification then it would not be aimed at penis expansion, but at continual movement to work against the atrophy!

So, please can you confirm this peyronnies diagnosis (can you feel plaques, apparently not?) --- how old are you now - like how many yrs. ago did you have your fracture?

Interesting that you feel a softness around the area where it cracked, I presume when erect? and also a thin bump there - do you feel the bump more when erect or flaccid? ... sorry but apart from a scar from a wound, I cant think of anything else at present

good luck - keep in touch


> I share the problem of a fractured penis. I have searched for answers and help for a long time and I may or may not have come across the solution. I was 17 when I got injured, it was on the day day I ever did anything with a girl... the agonizing irony. Since then (and even before) I've been very much ashamed to really try and get sexual with any female. I guess i have a lot to be thankful for, though, my penis works fine, there is no pain, only a slight bend to it, which is humiliating to me, along with some softness around the spot where I heard the dreaded "cracking" sound. I have been diagnosed with peyronie's disease which is when you form a plaque (could be from an injury, or it doesnt have to be) causing your penis to bend.
>Firstly, I would like your help, anyone's help here who can answer this. I know peyronie's disease is the formation of plaque. But I seem to have a something odd around the spot of my injury. It's like a line under the skin, like if I pass my finger through I can feel a little thin soft bump. My question is, I'm not sure whether to think this is plaque or a hematoma of sorts. I always thought the plaque was just the hardening of the tissue in a wide area on the penis, I havn't read anywhere that there are lumps or bumps or anything like that associated with plaque. Does anyone have an idea? I am still not familiar with the concept of plaque when it comes to the penis even though I've looked around extensively.
>Now, for the good part. In my searches I have come across a new medical device being used widely in Europe and starting to be adopted into the American medical fields. It is a penis "extender" and there are tests that show it removes plaque of the penis significantly, and effectively treats peyronie's disease with a high success rate. The documentation and everything associated therein seems accurate and legit. There are doctors names as well as scientific journals linked and quoted.
>One website for this device is which has a nice forum to discuss things in but if you're going to buy it I would recommend doing so from which is cheaper and comes with a lot more stuff (they are an official reseller of the jes extender).
>Hopefully someone can try this out for their injuries or peyronie's disease while keeping us up to date on their condition before and after, with many details such as the type of injury and a detailed description of the anatomical effect it had on your penis then the results of using the device. I have yet to meet anyone who used this for their injury or peyronie's disease but it is used in the medical field in Europe for it.
>I would have done so long a go but I am worried about that bump I was speaking of. Maybe if someone can clear up for me whether its a hematoma, plaque or something else, I'll look into the device but until then I'm worried the device will make it worse so I'm just sharing it with you all in case it might help you out.
>Please keep in touch and keep us informed. Together we can work a lot better than apart. Oh, please don't forget any input on my personal situation and condition is appreciated.


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