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Re: Worried about Possible Penis Injury

Written by Robin at 02 Mar 2006 18:50:22:

As an answer to: Re: Worried about Possible Penis Injury written by LarryG at 01 Mar 2006 20:15:57:

Dear Larry,

sorry for the wait but Im simply only online once a week.

It is always advisable to get checked by a urologist ... but probably even more important is to have a spell of abstinence - no penile exercise for at least two weeks, to give the tissues etc. time to recover without being out under any extra strain.

Maybe you have had luck and the effects of your collision with the massage table are going to gradually go away.

If it was an atypical penis fracture then there would almost certainly be some sign of bending in the erection after two days. - The erection wont be weaker (I believe) for a few months - its the bending which is really the only visible symptom.

From my experience, it is not possible or common for a fracture to result in infection. Any sensitivity in the urethra, is probably just an internal bruised feeling. - I cant guarantee any of this, it is merely my opinion after hearing of 50 or so similar injuries, and this is not enough to give a solid opinion.

Avoid masturbating for a while and check if there is any bending is my suggestion




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