This site discusses phimosis in its specific forms of phimotic ring, frenulum breve, adhesions or skinbridges. My concern is the early prevention of phimosis. The late correction of adult phimosis was never my interest. My belief is that once the medical profession realise the need, they will develop hundreds of new methods of treatment which I cant even imagine ... Therefore treatment is purely an appendix on this site, however, because I have no specific bias, my research allowed a rare objective survey of the many posibilities.

This site offers detailed information on individual problem related treatment, often advising simple, cheap, minimal and specific surgery and time honoured solutions taken from traditional methods including partial circumcision, dorsal slit and frenular incision and tying. - (Links are given where appropriate to sites dealing with the modern solutions of preputial plasty and full-circumcision).

STRETCHING (e mails)

Dr. Beauge wrote: "It is of course essential that the preputial opening be stretched round the circumference of the fully erect glans. This technique meets the requirements of the kinesitherapy of soft tissues, gradual stretching. In some cases I have recommended instrumental dilatation with the use of a dilator in patients who agree to this procedure, or I have advised the introduction of two fingers into the opening of the foreskin to stretch it."

Note: If there is only a little difficulty in retraction, do not use any force, there is a danger of getting the foreskin stuck behind the glans. see paraphimosis


A note which could be helpful is that many men report successful stretching in the shower ... I wonder if steam and humidity could have an effect?

Paul wrote:
There seems to be a combination of method, time and location (this
is what seems to have worked for me, anyway) to take into
consideration. As follows:

I do my stretching in the shower - At first I just held the foreskin on the
outside and pulled in opposite directions - this for a minute or two at
a time. Once things loosened up a little, I got a little more aggressive
and managed to get inside the foreskin with both fingers and pulled. I
did vary the directions I pulled in, figuring I was going to give the skin
an equal work-out in all directions. I did have a little tearing (not enough
to form any significant scar tissue, though) that healed soon after.
Something about too much of a good thing and all...

I'm not sure whether or not being in the shower has anything to do with
the results I've had to date - possibly the moisture of the shower played
somewhat of a role here too.

Keep in mind that this is after several months - I didn't use any topical
lotions or otherwise (there seem to be some adverse effects from
the use of).


For a better understanding of the subject: please read: Stretching and LSA

If stretching works -- you will only achieve a temporary improvement. One must keep stretching a phimotic ring after a few days it will simply start closing up again. On the other hand, this daily stretching will become easier and may turn into an enjoyable pastime. If its no fun to stretch then change the method ...

When the skin becomes less flexible in old age, some men who previously had no difficulty with retraction, with relatively regular sex, can become quite unable to retract even when flaccid. Lubricants and creams may ease the situation, however it is apparent that anyone who had needed to keep the foreskin stretched throughout his entire life, would almost certainly be faced with a surgical correction in old age.

Having said this, weighing the possibilities that in 40 years either you might be dead or medicine will have developed various new treatments for phimosis, then the experience of several men indicates that it is worth stretching.

Dean. wrote:

On the stretching-- I really didn't start until fairly recently--last three or four years- My urologist had recommended that I start using Astro Glide (a wonderful lubricant that looks/feels/tastes like the natural lubricant) because he believed my foreskin would begin to be less pliable (age)

About the same time, I read with a great deal of interest of men restoring their foreskin-- and the method of stretching to accomplish the restoration--It occurred to me that if someone without one could stretch enough to develop something akin to a foreskin--then why couldn't I stretch mine so that it was not so restrictive. At the time I started doing this, I had a definite phimotic ring- at times producing somewhat of an hour-glass appearance when erect. Today, I have absolutely no sign of a restriction where this once was and my foreskin is more pliable and looser than any time in my life. As I said earlier- this method and etc may not work for anyone else- but for me it has been great- and I have wondered why I didn't try it earlier


John's phimosis started at puberty indicating that this was connected with LSA.. He was unable to stretch despite the following idea.

I started with 'conventional' attempts at retraction, .... Later I hit on the idea of inserting small objects into the opening and leaving them there. In this way I could keep the skin under constant tension, which I thought would surely cause it to stretch. It did seem to have some effect, as the object would become easier to remove and insert after a few days' treatment. ... A further refinement was to use small cylindrical items which I could wrap tape around to gradually increase the diameter. ... I did continue with this sort of treatment on and off, and there was a very slight stretching as a result. However, it really was very slight - I think when I started I could only get a 6mm diameter object in, but this gradually increased to about 10mm. This improvement probably took a couple of years ...

Beauge's methods are reported to start working within the first weeks, ... after two months, I would suggest either adding steroids to the treatment, or looking for other treatments.

Steroids - central index

One widely reported method of stretching is by pinching the overhang and ballooning the foreskin with urine. This is dangerous due to the pressure on the bladder.

Nature's Way illustrates the infants natural method of pulling the foreskin forward. Catzel advises inserting two fingers and pulling the foreskin outwards. - I would urge doctors to refrain from advising stretching to parents who do not fully understand the ideas behind the procedure. One father justified the effects of stretching his sons foreskin thus : "he also howls when he goes to the dentist". Stretching may be more effective in early childhood or infancy, but the boy himself must do this if he wants to.

One should never use force to push or pull back on a boy's foreskin - this cannot be repeated often enough, there are an extraordinary amount of people who support the use of forceful stretching exercises - there are a number of anatomical complications which force may cause, but quite simply such a first step into manhood would be a truly inappropriate initiation for our culture. The use of force and pain builds up negative psychological attitudes about what one is attempting to achieve, i.e. retracting the foreskin.

I would suggest that an appropriate modern initiation would be as the result of self experiment and self strecthing that a boy would experience a feeling of excitement and fun at this new discovery about his own male body.