Male Initiation and the Phimosis Taboos

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In the bath tub, normal boys (and in earlier times boys without nappies), play with and pull forward on their forekin, this slowly and naturally stretches the stiff rigid bands of the phimotic ring and frenulum. 10% of boys with adhesions between the foreskin and glans don't do this, because it hurts. .... Two Quotes: "Among the inhabitants of Tahiti, the boys use their urine, which is trapped in the foreskin pocket, to loosen and widen the foreskin, which is otherwise firmly attached to their glans." - "Separation results from keratinization of the cells under the influence of androgen"(7 and 8 see above essay). Urine is rich in androgen, (the adrenal glands sit on top of each kidney). So a few drops of an androgen enzyme solution at an early age would allow boys to self cure this problem.

Please spread this message. Unfortunately the medical authorities are so busy spending billions on curing old peoples alzheimers, that they have no time to reply to my letters. :-(

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