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Re: Stevo's situation continued.

Written by Stevo at 14 Aug 2006 05:07:03:

As an answer to: Re: Stevo's situation continued. written by Rob at 29 Jun 2006 19:33:52:

I meant to post these some time ago

I saw a new doctor today. He's an expert. He says it's very unlikely that I have peyronie's disease. Which is good, because there's no cure for that.

He says that injuries to the penis can occur, that they generally heal, but it takes a long time. I've had this problem for about two years now, and it's only gotten worse over time, so it's hard to imagine it getting better, much less completly healed.

After performing an act on me (for which he should have first bought me a drink) he told me that my prostate is inflamed, and that it may be causing me my penis pain.

He's got me on anti biotics to treat the prostate thing, and says there's a chance that with that being gone, my penis pain will leave too, if that's the cause.
He said i should ignore the pain, and live my life, because if it is caused by prostatitis then the pain isn't a result of further damage, it's jsut pain.

As for the erectile dysfunction, he said that it may resolve itself in years to come, but in the mean time he's given me some samples of viagra to try.

I'm hoping that it's the kind of miracle drug i've often heard of it being, I want to be a stud again, or at least a man.

It's far from a perfect situation, to be a 22 year old guy who needs a pill to have sex, it's inconvenient, embarrasing, expensive, and would take away a lot of the natural spontaneouty of good sex. I can't throw my girl down on the floor ever again, unless i planned to do it 30min to an hour before.....that's kind of disgusting/pathetic. But is it better than killing myself? probably.

I hope it works.

5 days later


I've tried the viagra twice now. First 25mg, didn't do anything. a few days later tried 50mg. did nothing.

I've read previously that viagra can't help a man when there was DAMAGE to his dick, rather than the standard reasons for ED, like a lack of hormones or poor cardiovascular help.

When a man is aroused his brain sends signals to release a chemical, this chemical widens the arteries leading into the penis, while the veins remain the same size, so more blood is going in than is coming out, it starts to balloon and get hard. When it reaches it's full firmness the pressure of it squeezes the viens shut, so that no blood can escape at all.....that's what's supposed to happen. Viagra helps the opening chemical to reach your arteries, so that the arteries will open very well. But if the penis is damaged in a way that it can't infliate right, or can't hold the blood properly, then increasing the "open chemical" won't really help. Hopefully that's not my situation, but i'm a young man, and i'm constantly horny, and i very easily become aroused, i don't think my hormonoes or chemicals are lacking, it just doesn't inflate right.

I'm going to get a good nights sleep tonight. and not eat all morning, and for part of the afternoon. I've heard it being on an empty stomach makes it work better, and i'll try the 100mg

i'll keep my fingers crossed a bit longer.


2 weeks later


100mg didn't really seem to help things either. I'm not "giving up" yet, but the outlook is pretty grim. they're all the same chemical, if one doesnt do anything the other probably won't.

there are options further down the line for someone with penis probelms but they're pretty awful.

I'll talk to the doctor tomorrow, ask him if it's safe/effective, to go beyond 100mg. failing that the options ahead are:
1. injecting an erection inducing drug into my penis before sex (which in addition to being incredibly romantic can also worsen any damage.)
2. another drug, which is adminsitered by inserting (with an aplicator) a pellet into the urethra (dick hole!).
3. and if none of those work, an imlplant. which from the pictures that i've seen doesn't give you an erection so much as it does a flacid penis that stands up.

or perhaps rather than these things i hsould just accept that i'll never acheive a full erection again. i can't express to you how that makes me feel.

keep your fingers crossed for me guys. or if you pray maybe toss me one of those too. thanks.


3 days later (today)

so i had a lot of sex in the past two weeks. well, "sex". I can't get a full erection, ever. about 80% of the time I climax in less than 30 seconds. 15% of the time i don't climax immeidatly, but lose my erection (my partial erection) after about 2 minutes. and 5% of the time i can last for a few minutes with my partial erection, and then climax.

Viagra hasn't seemed to have any effect of any kind.

In the last few days My girl has been gone so i haven't had sex in about 5 days. I haven't masturbated since either. My pain has been coming back. After the new doctor told me abstinence shouldnt be the way for me i started masturbating and having sex, and my pain went away, almost entirly. in the 1.5 weeks my girl was here, i only had one day that i was in significant pain.

I DID have prostatitis, i have no doubt of that, because the antibiotics have increased my urine flow. but the thing i can't understand is why sex takes my pain away, and why abstinence brings it back.

I'm in a bind, i want to try resting, because, i want to try to heal, and the doctor isn't presenting me with many alternatives for now (thank god?).

but it's unquestionable that orgasm takes my pain away, not just temporarliy, like for a long time, something like 24 hours.

i don't yet know if masturbation could produce the same results.....i don't know what to do. i'll call the doctor tomorrow and have more words with him.


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