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Re: Stevo's situation continued.

Written by Stevo at 16 Aug 2006 13:13:13:

As an answer to: Re: Stevo's situation continued. written by Stevo at 14 Aug 2006 05:07:03:

I spoke with my doctor on the phone yesterday. He told me that he is not surprised that sex relieved my pain, and that a lack of sex welcomed it back. So the fact is, i can cure a lot of my pain if i start using my penis again, frequently.

But it isn't that simple.

Unfortunately something happened while my girl was here. I observered a number of times that after we'd have sex, when my penis was in the "deflating" phase, it would curve to the left. 90 degrees, literally like a snake, the head pointing straight left.

and that means that the spot where my dick hurts, does have a damage problem.

It's become clear that the majority of my pain is from prostatitis, but the fact is i have damage.

I find myself in a bind.

Do i use my dick, frequently so that i can relieve my pain, although i'll likely be aggravating this damage (or at least not letting it heal). or do i endure the pain, for a month or two, so that my damage can hopefully heal?

I wanted to ask my doctor about that part too, but he was strapped for time.

I still don't know what i'll do.

i don't know if your situation is similar to mine man. But perhaps you have chronic prostatitis causing you pain.

truthfully this was the 3rd doctor to give me a prostate exam, and he was the first to diagnose me with it. he was......significanly more.....aggressive in the process (hurt a bit) and he found it where they didn' an a.

maybe look into it man. maybe you, like me, have more than one problem, one of which is prostatitis.


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