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Penis Fracture, Nerve Trauma
Please leave a detailed account of the causes and symptoms of your problem,
otherwise you help no-one and no-one here can help you.

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Re: Announcement

Written by Louis at 15 Dec 2006 01:55:53:

As an answer to: Announcement written by Robin at 07 Dec 2006 19:20:00:

>Hi anyone and everyone with so called “atypical penis fracture/nerve trauma”,
>Please leave a detailed account of the CAUSES and SYMPTOMS of your problem, otherwise you help no-one and no-one here can help you.
>The main optimistic point is that at least we can contact each other these days with www. I often wonder how it was even 20 yrs. ago, left totally alone with this problem, - I think Id have gone crazy without www. Men with our problems must have been going crazy throughout the last centuries.
>Ive been trying to start a group now for a long time – and Im not getting anywhere. If you disagree with the idea of a group, then please tell me what other alternative we have??!! Im now going to take a break for a while. This is simply to give me a break and try something new to see what happens – maybe then others will start taking over.
>I believe that isolated and individual we will be as lost as the men pre interet - the chance we have today is as a group.
>So many of "us" have been to countless urologists for countless tests - and somehow we and the doctors are not getting results - so what are WE doing wrong that we could do better? - maybe even my naming of atypical penis fracture/nerve trauma confuses doctors?
>I feel its no use asking doctors to look at just “me” - the medical world cant be blamed on this subject - they have to think practically - our problem occurs perhaps one in 10,000 - any individual doctor probably sees only one case in his life!
>This forum and home page are rapidly becoming a collection of evidence on penis trauma/atypical fracture. I feel our collective need is our only hope (or certainly our main hope) of getting this problem recognised, and researched.
>Please contribute to this forum and talk with each other - dont expect me to answer.
>Please think how a group can change a situation which individually we will never change.
>I feel what we need is a student Urologist to answer letters on the forum. Students have time to research, and a last year student doing a special research on this subject would be ideal - they are always looking for new subjects to write diploma work.
>Im NOT online at home - I dont have the possibility to do internet research. Please leave links and comments on other www addresses which deal with these subjects - so that an index or network of relevant pages can be developed. (Someone recently left a link which enabled me to write to an online urology faculty asking if anyone can help this forum)
>Id love someone to spend a couple of hours using their “worry” energy positively to google for medical universities (esp. Urology dept.) and collect 50 or even 10 e mail addresses, ... and then send out spam like invitations to help ...
>for normal or typical penis fracture emergency instructions messages/191.htm and e medical library on typical fracture
>(with this quote): “Patients with a rupture of the deep dorsal vein of the penis can present with findings similar to those of a penile fracture. Associated swelling and ecchymosis of the penis (“eggplant” sign) is present. .... However, the patient does not typically hear a crack or popping sound. In addition, detumescence does not immediately occur. However, because of similar physical examination findings, a deep dorsal vein rupture should be surgical explored, as it is often difficult to differentiate from penile fracture.”
>for Sports doctor see messages/238.htm
>Abstinence possibly for several months is the only treatment idea which sometimes seems to work for minor injuries. For a couple of ideas on abstinence see thread starting messages/36.htm
>for pelvic floor disorder see messages/159.htm
>for ideas on “being a man” even with a broken penis see messages/146.htm and messages/138.htm and “If” by Rudyard Kipling
>If you want to help me please go to support.
Robin, don't abandon the forum. We must continue your good work and be here for others. I understand you are tired. I will contribute to the forum and help to answer letters. Let me know that you have not given up by responding to the forum.

I have been silently watching and reading this forum for nearly 3 years. It happened to me, it was terribly but I'm slowly putting my life back together. Once again dont give up, come back to the forum and together we will share the work that needs to be done. Perhaps one day I will also tell my full story here. Do you have any 'off forum' contact details?. I cannot live the rest of my life like this, I am ready to actively participate and help!


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