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Help! my story of penile fracture- ongoing

Written by hopefully I'll be OK at 29 May 2005 13:26:17:

Shoot, let me start off by saying that it started off almost 2 weeks ago. Some genius on the internet gave me the bright idea of grooming my penis hair by means of tweezing it. Bad choice. The first night of doing so already left me with a sore penis due to all the bending and manipulation of it just to get at better angles to remove the hair. But I was not finished, I continued working on it over a 1 week period (give or take). This resulted in a finely-groomed hair-free shaft, and not to mention a very sore penis. The top dorsal vein of my dick was hard and extremely swollen. Presumably a ruptured vein judging from the way it was popping out from under the skin. At this point I gave my penis a rest- but only for a day or two since my dog jumped up on the bed one day and landed on my penis (ouch!). At this point my penis felt like it had gone through a meat grinder and back. Sore in every location- both sides of the groin, lower abdomen, whole penis- both sides, inside and out- and the big vein was still recovering. The worst thing that this new accident (dog) caused was that I started feeling a pinching sensation in my penis and two small purple bruises appeared on my shaft. The pinching sensation was extremely painful and it felt like it was coming from the urethra. Now after all this, I put an ice pack on my penis/groin/genital area and balls for most of the day. It helped take away the excrutiating pain and my hard-veined "loose-skinned" egglant shaped penis (that's how it looked after all this) even managed to get an erection that day. So presumably, I jerked off that day :sigh of relief:

Now at this point I was worried about the damage that I had done to my "swollen member", and not to mention feeling extremely guilty and angry with myself. So I logged onto the internet as to find out what the problem was- I came to the conclusion that I had fractured my penis. Oh how wrong I was- I had literally put it through hell and back, but no fracture was it yet! :gasp:
So later that day I took precautions of how to protect my (I thought it was) fracture. I started watching porn and said to myself that I would not bate it (if ya know what I mean) as to help protect this mythical fracture. But sure enough I didn't have to do a damn thing- my penis upon simple arousal/no-contact felt a sharp stabbing 1-2 pain along the left side just before going limp. I immediately lost my erection and my penis become extremely swollen in a weird dangly worm shape (not quite an S-shape) for the remainder of the day. So at this point I had come to the conclusion that I had not previously fractured my penis- It was mangled apart like a peice of meat from all that earlier trauma (i guess i laid down some pretty good groundwork eh?), but it was now that I had fractured it and it didn't take much to break, in my experience. So by now I was going through a royal screwing mentally, but the funny part is, that after this penis snapping it was the first time that I felt any kind of physical relief down there all week. LOL

So that was on thursday. I spent most of the day Thursday in emotional pain and mental anguish as I looked at my fat swollen cock almost double in size. I'm not gonna lie, I was scared as fuck, so i went on to the internet for the remainder of the day instead of going down to the emergency at the hospital. By night time my cock was still sore (it was sore all day along with the swelling) but I tried putting ice on it anyway. Well anyways I fell asleep with the ice on the right side of my groin but i awoke shortly due to the pain it was causing. So I said "that's it" took the ice off and went back to sleep for the night.

Now I awoke again Friday and punked out all day trying to find the answers for help on the net. But during the evening I finally got the balls to go down to the ER in person. Well, it was pretty embarassing to say the least. I spent most of my night in the waiting room before going in to see the doctor. First the male nurse looked at my package (which was not as painful anymore but still sore, and the swelling had gone away) The tip was still discoulored though. He said it was ok then I waited for the doctor. When the doc came in, he looked at my dick again but did not press hard on it so he would not hurt it- and told me that I most likely tore something inside most likely the tunica albuginea, that I should leave it alone for a while until I feel comfortable using it again and he will hook me up with a urologist. The only thing is, its gonna be a 2-3 week wait to see the urologist. He gave me some tylenol-3's in the meantime to help ease the pain. He also said it shouldn't be that serious unless you put a boot to it LOL. But unfortunatunately for me, it feels like I put more than a boot to it as I mentioned previously.

So Saturday I spent most of the day feeling like crap trying to fend off the urge to masturbate which was hard since I hadn't had an orgasm since wednesday (the day before the accident) But anyways this was the first day that i could get it up again since I fractured it, so I decided to go try and masturbate it. The problem is now that my erection (painful upon touching) is veered to the left (not curved) and soft along the left side and only hard along the right. (note: the left side was the side of the injury) Also it looks smaller and thinner than usual. (Got scared typing there for a minute as I'm reminded how badly I damaged my penis this time. Reality hits me in and out thinking about what I've done. I fluctuate between feeling numb and feeling scared a little bit. This whole thing is just unreal, man.)
Saturday night I went down to a different hospital emergency because I wasn't satisfied on the previous prognosis. The doctor there did a better inspection this time but unfortunately he squeezed my penis too hard, and put me in excrutiating pain afterwards. But what he told me was that I've severed one of the corpus cavernosa, the left one- and that he could not get me in to see a urologist sooner than the first doc. He said in the meantime I should try to refrain from sex/masturbation, and that the corpus cavernosa should be able to heal on its own. But for me, I dunno I'm still unsure. He told me that it might be ok in a few weeks time, and mentioned something about it being mild. But the thing is I don't know if he was sure how severe it is- Because according to everything i've read on the internet, it says a fracture needs to be treated with prompt surgery. Is this true guys? help!

Now as I sit here sunday morning contemplating going to a third hospital today, some questions go through my mind:

right now I've been told I got: a severed tunica albuginea, and 1 severed corpus cavernosa (left) but without any actual testing done, and with knowing what I know about my situation what should I do?

Should I go to a third ER? (I want to)
Is this too serious of an injury to wait for 2-3 weeks?
Do i need immediate surgery? If so is it already too late? (almost 72 hours removed)
Can the inner arteries of the penis (t.a.,c.c.) heal on there own OK?
Could there be a problem with my urethra too?
Is it only some cases that require surgery? Like I said my penis was swollen with bruising and internal bleeding and hanging like a fat S-shape. Is that bad?
How will I be able to make it through 2-3 weeks without pulling it /sex?
If I do wait that long will there be complications?
Do I have a risk of peyronnie's, future pain, ED, shrinkage, or lack of sensation?
Will this even heal properly? Will I get my sensation/feeling back? Be able to function again?
Is there anyone out there who has ever had a penile fracture before and had it healed succesfully? If so, then how?
Is there any way I can see a urologist sooner?
what tests should I push for if I go today?

Any help to these questions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot.


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