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Worried about Possible Penis Injury

Written by LarryG at 26 Feb 2006 09:43:09:

While being given a massage while lying on my stomach, my penis was erect (or I think partly erect) and I lifted my body to move forward to a more comfortable position. However, I must have landed with my body's weight on the penis, as I felt a sharp pain. No cracking or popping sound that I recall. There is no visible sign of damage and looks normal both when flaccid and erect (yes, I can still get an erection).

However, it is two days later and I still have a mostly continuous dull throb in the penis (a similar feeling to having an overfull bladder). Tends to be a little worse during and after urinating. Also morning erections are a little uncomfortable. No sign of blood in the urine.

I would appreciate advice. Do I need to seek medical attention or should I wait a while to see if the symptoms subside ? Any particular symptoms to look out for ?



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