This site discusses phimosis in its specific forms of phimotic ring, frenulum breve, adhesions or skinbridges. My concern is the early prevention of phimosis. The late correction of adult phimosis was never my interest. My belief is that once the medical profession realise the need, they will develop hundreds of new methods of treatment which I cant even imagine ... Therefore treatment is purely an appendix on this site, however, because I have no specific bias, my research allowed a rare objective survey of the many posibilities.

This site offers detailed information on individual problem related treatment, often advising simple, cheap, minimal and specific surgery and time honoured solutions taken from traditional methods including partial circumcision, dorsal slit and frenular incision and tying. - (Links are given where appropriate to sites dealing with the modern solutions of preputial plasty and full-circumcision).


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Stretching Summary

1. Dr.Beauge's stretching methods are reported to start working for simple primary phimotic ring within two weeks. Using Steroid creams eg. betamethasone, will speed up the process.

2. Stretching must be gentle and regular. The more often and the more gentle you are the more effect this has when stretching skin. (Using force may easily cause little rips.) Repeatedly rhymically tensing and flexing is more effective than holding a stretch under tension.

3. If there is only a little difficulty retracting the foreskin behind the glans do not force it, there is a danger of the foreskin sticking behind the glans. see Paraphimosis

4. With pinhole phimosis and extreme closures of the end of the foreskin it is first necessary to stretch the preputial opening by pulling it backwards around the conical shape of the glans. Success is often reported pulling backwards against the erect glans (Beauge says it is essential to stretch round the circumference of the erect glans). However do not stretch the ring over the ridge of the glans causing soreness, and do not use extreme force, pushing the erection backwards and causing groin injuries.

5. As soon as the foreskin opening is wide enough - introduce two (clean little) fingers into the opening of the foreskin and pull the foreskin gently outwards (ie. where you feel the constricting ring). This is the most effective and safe method - (Pulling the foreskin forward has no effect)

6 Lubricants, warm bath water, steam and humidity in the shower can help

7. If its no fun to stretch then you can change and develop the methods ... experiment carefully and intelligently ...

Use a vibrator, - pulling the foreskin forward over the vibrating glans shape - vibrating possibly stimulates tissues and blood flow. - If it is fun to stretch playing with different sized ball bearings or any hygienic conical or rounded shape - or even any mechanical instruments of torture - if it turns you on, then this is the method for you and please use it and report to me or ARC forum on your success

8. - After two weeks regular stretching with no success, - you probably have a secondary ring and need to learn a bit more and look for other forms of treatment.