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Re: Hurt it, now worse

Written by Robin at 04 May 2006 18:47:02:

As an answer to: Re: Hurt it, now worse written by stevo at 29 Apr 2006 16:46:52:


I have full sympathy with you Stevo, (probably not a full appreciation of everything but) I wouldnt be doing this site and forum if the whole situation left me cold.

This is a tricky letter to answer, --- I often think if someone is an academic or a monk or has no feelings, the situation would be easier for them to cope with --- I can follow your thoughts on suicide - but in email it really is hard to know what to say - sorry but you have to look at positive things - like hopefully your relationship is still intact (though probably under pressure) and enjoying female company is also a great thing even without sex ... though our culture advertises sex all over the place, actually the love which underlies the sex is very valuable. Im sorry I know its a big shit, but for a time at least you must adapt and survive, consider priorities ...

Though the six weeks abstinence may not work - Chinese sexual literature suggests 6 months abstinence for self healing processes to work ... I cant guarantee anything ... the only thing which I do attempt to guarantee is that once a week I will be here to answer letters and talk with people.

And even though there is no solution which I know at present, this is in my opinion, simply because NO-ONE HAS EVER LOOKED - I mean no specialist has ever spent the hours necessary to define and think creatively about these problems ... Also very important is that no-one apart from myself is even wanting this, or trying to acheive this.

Practically all the men on this forum are concerned only about themselves, I never hear from more than half of them if they got better or worse ... This form of penis fracture is a general problem - I can only really see a change happening when this forum/group gets a bit more support and energy from other men with the problems ... and then for the first time in history maybe we can exchange a few ideas on what course of action to take, and how the hell to get a specialist interested.

Again this subject needs a group ... my little voice alone is not enough to make any doctor wake up, imagine if ten of us could sign a letter to some specialist or medical authority ... so if you want to join in and help then youre very welcome.

Otherwise I hope your 6 weeks abstinence has some success ... and please just keep putting pressure on your urologist to think creatively about your individual case ... you sound like you also need the support of friends and parents so please discuss it with them - sharing a problem often helps a bit

good luck


>I don't have any humor about the situation, i don't know where you got the idea that i did.
>The truth is, the night that my problem began, was only the second time I'd ever had sexual intercourse.
>I had one night of healthy sex in my entire life, and have to spend the rest of it as a sad injured fraction of a man.
>I honestly want to kill myself.


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