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Re: Hurt it, now worse

Written by stevo at 19 Apr 2006 06:39:58:

As an answer to: Hurt it, now worse written by steveo at 19 Apr 2006 06:33:43:

>So about 17 months ago i had intercourse, lasting about 3 hours, I failed to climax then went soft.
>That's kind of where my problems started.
>After that there were a few ocassions where my girlfriend moved uncoordinatedly and hurt my dick. Ever since then I either come very quickly, or lose my erection during sex, and i don't get as big or as hard. So I've had this problem for a while, so two docotr's both of whom reccomended 6 weeks rest. Which I failed utterly to do.
>My erection angle lowered a bit too
>so the problem stayed as it was.
>But then about 3 months ago, i fell asleep wearing rather tight pants and had a sex dream. I woke up and my dick hurt quite a lot. So now my dick hurts all the time. I'm finally giving it rest (have been for about 3 days) but the truth is, it hurts just from living and moving, and standing and walking, and having my pants touch it.
>I feel is it supposed to heal when it's flacid and moving and wiggling all the time?
>I mean it just hurts! I saw a urologist and he told me to rest it, so that's what i'm doing (finally) but god, if i can't stand up from my desk and walk to the front door without it hurting, how can it heal?
>has anyone on these forums ever had a problem like this that got better?

I'm 22 btw. it happened when i was 21


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