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Re: Hurt it, now worse

Written by Robin at 20 Apr 2006 19:51:38:

As an answer to: Re: Hurt it, now worse written by stevo at 19 Apr 2006 06:39:58:

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your light hearted letter (better than crying) and full description of medical history.

Im afraid Ive not got much good news - let me tell you my ideas without thinking too much about the order.

First most of the men on this forum have erection problems and curvature and some sort of fracture, but few have any pain ... maybe at a guess about a quarter who write here are in any sort of pain.

I am one of them - I had an injury 12 yrs. ago - the first 6 months were always very painful, nowadays, it is mainly a very tender painful right ball ... and the joint of the bone on the inside of the right leg where this connects to the pubic bone is painful when walking - by masturbation there is always some sort of pain - quite deep back behind the pubic bone. I was with around 15 urologists none of whom understood the problem. - If you wanna read the full symtoms they are on the home page of this forum under "Rob. S site owner"

When pain is present, as it is in our cases, I believe it must be a nerve which is ripped or torn or strained. As I understand it ripped nerves do not repair. If it is only strained then maybe 6 weeks abstinence could help.

There is a very small success rate on this forum, I believe only 2 men with minor (non-painful) fractures have rested 6 weeks and recovered with only a shock.

So maybe this is the wrong place to write if you want to get better!!

22 is a hard age to get this sort of problem ... Im 53 now, - for the last six months I have hardly masturbated (honest!) ... sexual energy just seems to have gone to sleep - which actually makes the problem easier for me ... at the age of 22 thats gonna be tricky - I wish you every luck and strength to cope with this.

There is a litle footnote which I have started pasting on every letter, which I feel applies to you as well. I believe the only way to cure our problem is with a real urological specialist who is willing to consider the problem - it seems a very uncommon problem - the regular urologist gets one such question every life ... What I want is a urologist to look at the sort of problems on this board and think creatively about the problem ...

the footnote goes like this


One optimistic thought is that at least we can contact each other these days with www. I often wonder how it was even 20 yrs. ago, my God to be left feeling totally alone with this problem, and then questioning myself on if Im imagining it all - I think Id have gone crazy. And men with our problem must have been going crazy throughout the last
centuries. I am very thankful to www


I feel we need an index of all the penis fracture sites and erectile dysfunction - impotence resources etc. online. But, Im NOT online at home - I dont have the possibility to do internet research - Please leave links and comments on other www addresses which deal with these subjects - so that an index or network of relevant "impotence - erectile dysfunction" pages can be developed.

Actually I feel what we need is a student Urologist to answer letters on the forum. Students have time to research, and a last year student doing a special research on this subject would be ideal - they are always looking for new subjects to write diploma work.

Id love someone to spend a couple of hours using their "worry" energy positively to google for medical universities (esp. Urology dept.) and collect 50 or even 20 e mail addresses, and post the addresses on the forum, ... and then I can send out spam like invitations to help the research ...

Steve, I must say that I think in your case, 3 months after the injury (or 17 months depending on how we calculate) I believe practicing abstinence will not help - (if you want to try then check entry number 36.htm on this forum where I gave some ideas on how the hell to forget sex for a few weeks).

I think as well if you have the money you should try an accupuncturist ... accupuncture can cure toothache, so I reckon it must be able to cure this, but again you need a really good accupuncturist who is willing to think creatively because this is simply not what they handle with every day.

So Steve these are my spontaneous thoughts - I hope you keep in touch - I wish you every luck - Im here once a week to answer questions - keep the sense of humour alive -
take care



>>So about 17 months ago i had intercourse, lasting about 3 hours, I failed to climax then went soft.
>>That's kind of where my problems started.
>>After that there were a few ocassions where my girlfriend moved uncoordinatedly and hurt my dick. Ever since then I either come very quickly, or lose my erection during sex, and i don't get as big or as hard. So I've had this problem for a while, so two docotr's both of whom reccomended 6 weeks rest. Which I failed utterly to do.
>>My erection angle lowered a bit too
>>so the problem stayed as it was.
>>But then about 3 months ago, i fell asleep wearing rather tight pants and had a sex dream. I woke up and my dick hurt quite a lot. So now my dick hurts all the time. I'm finally giving it rest (have been for about 3 days) but the truth is, it hurts just from living and moving, and standing and walking, and having my pants touch it.
>>I feel is it supposed to heal when it's flacid and moving and wiggling all the time?
>>I mean it just hurts! I saw a urologist and he told me to rest it, so that's what i'm doing (finally) but god, if i can't stand up from my desk and walk to the front door without it hurting, how can it heal?
>>has anyone on these forums ever had a problem like this that got better?
>I'm 22 btw. it happened when i was 21


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